1171 - Art Mayer - Chief,  AEMT-CCT

1172 - DJ Vandusen - 1st Assistant Chief, Squad Captain, AEMT-CCT

1173 - Robert Nugent - 2nd Assistant Chief, EMT, Treasurer

1175 - Lynda Vandusen - Squad Co-Captain, AEMT-CCT

1176 - Charlie Martens - Foreman, Commissioner

1177 - Justin Nugent - 1st Assistant Foreman, Fire Police Lieutenant, Director, Squad Director, AEMT-CCT

1178 - DJ Hartman - 2nd Assistant Foreman, Director

1183 - Bob Wells - Fire Police Captain, Director, First Responder, President, Squad                                         Secretary


Gary Anderson - EMT

Chris Beehler - Squad Director

Laura Beehler - Director, Vice- President

Wayne Bellis - Commissioner

Frank Catalano - Commissioner

Caleb Decker - EMT

Jacob Decker

Mark Decker - Director

Savanah Decker - Secretary

Shellinna Decker - AEMT-CCT, Director

Tyler Frisbie

Bill Hartman - Training Officer

John Joyce

Lance Ketchem

Nancy Martens

Anita Nabor

Linda Nichols

Jo-Lynn Seymour

Kathy Mayer - Director, EMT, Squad Treasurer

Crystal Vandusen

David Vandusen Sr.

Ryan Waibel

Annie Wainwright - AEMT-CC

Debra Wells

In July, the Fire Department and Squad responded to a total of 28 calls. The squad responded to all calls, including five ALS assists and four mutual aids. The Fire Department responded to five calls, including one Barn fire, one Mutual aid for traffic control, one public service call for wires and tree down, one alarm at the school, and one stand-by for possible mutual aid to a neighboring department for a car fire. The department has run a total of 164 calls for 2019.

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