1171 - Art Mayer - Chief,  AEMT-CCT

1172 - DJ Vandusen - 1st Assistant Chief, Squad Captain, AEMT-CCT

1173 - Robert Nugent - 2nd Assistant Chief, EMT, Treasurer

1175 - Lynda Vandusen - Squad Co-Captain, AEMT-CCT

1176 - Charlie Martens - Foreman, Commissioner

1177 - Justin Nugent - 1st Assistant Foreman, Fire Police Lieutenant, Director, Squad Director, AEMT-CCT

1178 - DJ Hartman - 2nd Assistant Foreman, Director

1183 - Bob Wells - Fire Police Captain, Director, First Responder, President, Squad                                         Secretary


Gary Anderson - EMT

Chris Beehler - Squad Director

Laura Beehler - Director, Vice- President

Wayne Bellis - Commissioner

Frank Catalano - Commissioner

Caleb Decker - EMT

Jacob Decker

Mark Decker - Director

Savanah Decker - Secretary

Shellinna Decker - AEMT-CCT, Director

Tyler Frisbie

Bill Hartman - Training Officer

John Joyce

Lance Ketchem

Ryan Kline

Nancy Martens

Anita Nabor

Linda Nichols

Jo-Lynn Seymour

Kathy St. Hilaire - Director, EMT, Squad Treasurer

Crystal Vandusen

David Vandusen Sr.

Ryan Waibel

Annie Wainwright - AEMT-CC

Debra Wells

In April, the Fire Department and Squad responded to a total of 23 calls. The Fire Department responded to 5 calls, including 1 Brush fire, 1 Mutual aid brush fire,1 public service call for wires and tree down, and 2 stand-by's for possible utual aid to a neighboring department.

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