Tioga Center Emergency Squad

The emergency squad has 2 ALS capable ambulances, fully equipped to provide EMS services to the citizens and visitors of Tioga Center, and neighboring communities.


Tioga Center is fortunate to have a combined Fire and EMS department. The majority of our calls are EMS related and the combined department provides ample resources to call upon to respond to emergencies.


The primary response vehicles for EMS calls are our two ambulances 1131, and 1132.


There is a lot that happens very quickly on an EMS call. EMTs will be bringing in first-in bags, clipboards, the drug bag, and heart monitors.  A scribe might be assisting in the recording of pertinent treatment information, including vital signs, medications, name, date of birth, and medical history.  If the patient requires transport to the hospital, the stretcher will be brought in. If the incident involves stairs, the stair chair might be necessary. If the patient has a traumatic injury, then a backboard and collar may be needed.


The other major responsibility of the EMS is to provide the rehabilitation sector, or rehab, to the other emergency responders operating at a scene. For example, at a structure fire, as each crew comes off of an assignment, command will order them to rehab to undergo rehydration, vital sign monitoring, and overall rest and cooling. EMS will get them drinks, wet towels to cool off with, and food; all vital components in keeping our emergency workers safe and effective.

Beginning of ALS in Tioga Center

In May 2013 Tioga Center Emergency Squad became an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance agency licensed through the state of New York, which was a vast improvement in the ability to properly care for and treat the people and visitors of our district. With this advancement, 6 of our providers went through an extensive training course, including aproximately 200 hours of clinical time in hospital, and another 150 hours of field training time, not counting the countless hours of training after the initial class was over to keep up with our skills and training. This would not have been possible without the help and support of our Medical Director, the Owego Emergency Squad, and our Board of Fire Commisioners.

In December, we received 17 calls. Fire calls consisted of one motor vehicle accident, one call for traffic control, and a vehicle fire. The Emergency Squad had 14 calls. Total calls for 2023 was 279.






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